Aaron Bolte

Implementation & Finance for Regenerative Tech

Profitable regenerative upgrades for industrial, agricultural, and municipal supply chains and infrastructure

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Strengthening businesses, municipalities and initiatives

with regenerative solutions

In collaboration with my highly specialised and value driven network I provide customized regenerative circular solutions for your business, municipality or any initiative that strives to invest in self-sufficient infrastructure and regeneration.

Practicality and viability make all the difference when we stack innovative building blocks from the areas of:

  • energy
  • agriculture
  • real estate
  • waste streams
  • health
  • ownership models
  • legal affairs
  • capital

Regenerative Building Blocks

To enhance industrial and agricultural processes, as well as municipal supply chains, to be not only sustainable but also regenerative and more profitable, a selection of solutions with very specific parameters is required. 

Over the years, I have assessed many solutions and distilled a network of partners with optimum methods and technologies for the real world.

Implementation & Finance

Closing the gaps

Innovative methods and technologies are often presented to the market from the developer’s point of view with significant remaining gaps around how to implement them into the reality of the end users.

I specialise in closing these “reality gaps” around great regenerative solutions to make them actually work and scale up in practice. This not only includes technical, entrepreneurial and regulatory aspects. In many cases also financing is a remaining gap that needs to be closed.

Working with great partners from the finance and legal sector I have access to some innovative finance strategies that can help to implement regenerative building blocks in areas that weren’t possible before.

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My mission: Ending the era of unfunded mega solutions

There are regenerative cash-cow-potentials in your value-chain. Let’s talk to find and realise them.

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It's not "either or" anymore

For the longest time in recent history, methods and technologies that are actually beneficial and regenerating for nature and humanity have been financial drains or zero sum games. In 2024 the turning point is reached. 

We are holding the first solutions in our hands that are regenerative and economically viable at the same time. They don’t have to be subsidized or sponsored anymore. They are ready and applicable to the world in its current state.

This new category of solutions that makes profits by regenerating ecology and economy is at the verge and it will become the new and long awaited standard for the coming decades.

What I'm currently doing

I am a leading member of a network of experts that helps citizens, companies, municipalities and governments to actually implement regenerative and sustainable solutions. The first part of this is assessing and bringing together matching and viable technologies, methods and partners. The second part is to bring in the right financing partners and the fitting legal structures to make every project a lasting regenerative and stabilising factor for people, planet and the local economy.

How I got here

I had the privilege of losing my illusions about the green economy early on during the time of the emerging social entrepreneurship scene in Berlin around 2012. Since none of the potential high impact ideas got funded or scaled I stopped my engagement and just watched the green economy stumble forward while working with marketing clients and making a living in the old economy.

Beginning in 2020 I then dedicated all my time and my resources to create progress in the direction of actually implementing regenerative and sustainable solutions in key parts of our economy like energy, farming, real estate, waste streams but also money circuits, investment modalities and ownership models.

Since 2020 I was leading the development of a now market-ready version of an organic fertilizer method that regenerates the soil and is economically viable even for conventional large-scale farming businesses in Europe.

I also made essential contributions to:

  • prototyping the first regenerative investment fund
  • assessing countless technologies and methods for their applicability, market-readiness and economic viability
  • assessing and innovating legal/organisational structures that allow for citizen-owned, cooperative projects that can actually get financed
  • prototyping sets of multiple regenerative solutions in circular schemes that can multiply each others regenerative impact and economic value
  • enabling the market-entry for an innovative waste-to-heat-technology that can clean up the planet while making money
  • merging diverse and sometimes conflicting worldviews and value sets among stakeholders from various sectors to foster collaboration on shared goals

What I did before

Since 2005 my role with my own business was to be a reliable partner for the success of small and medium sized companies in Germany, Switzerland and all over Europe. I provided thorough analysis and strategic plans for how to position themselves in their market and how to convert the marketing budget into actual growth for the company. My second responsibility has always been to lead and quality control the implementation of the strategy into actual production of storytelling, digital media, ads, SEO and much more. I continue to collaborate with a few long-standing clients and bring my expertise to select regenerative projects.